- Williams Supa Tone - based on the 1970's Supa Tonebender

Modelled on one of my early '70's Colorsound Supa Tonebender pedals, this fuzz is a very different fuzz to the earlier members of the Tonebender family. The Supa Tonebender also sounds amazing with bass guitar and was possibly used at times by Genesis' Mike Rutherford which would tie-in with the fact that Steve Hackett also used a Supa Tonebender at times.

The circuit is very similar to the basic Electro Harmonix Big Muff circuit with some changes in the tone section and one less set of clipping diodes. It is also a silicon transistor circuit and so tone-wise has those characteristics, a harder, brighter fuzz that packs a big punch. One unique part of the Supa Tonebender's sound is that a small amount of the dry signal can be heard in with the fuzz, this helps to create a really great fuzz with it's own character. The overall tone is very Big Muff, lots of sustain, energy and the tone pot offers a huge selection of possible tones.

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BC184c Transistors
A selection of the finest capacitors and resistors, vintage parts where possible
Neutrik Sockets, Alpha pots, High quality Stomp Switch
Tough Grey Hammerite painted Eddystone / Hammond box
Bulgin style chicken head knobs.
LED Indicator
DC Power Socket
Hand-Labeled Design
Individually numbered / signed Pedal
Life-time warranty on all Williams Audio parts and work
Each pedal is individually signed and numbered

Price: £129

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