Williams Vintage Tone - VTB MK11 Professional

Based on the Vox Tonebender Professional Mk11 built by Solasound UK (not the Italian built Vox Tonebender). The VTB has the big, thick, dirty fuzz sounds with the sustain, warmth and dynamics only found with germanium fuzz boxes but it is also very reactive to the guitar volume giving a wealth of amazing tones VERY reminiscent of so many classic vintage guitar sounds.

Below is a quick demo clip from You tube that demonstrates the warmth and violin-like sustain available from the VTB and the amount of classic, vintage tones available just from manipulating the guitar volume control. Guitar used is my 1978 Fender Tele.


  • A trio of Vintage Mullard Germanium transistors, matched and selected for low leakage and low noise.
  • A selection of the finest vintage and modern capacitors from manufactures such as Hunts and Mullard.
  • Highest quality electrolytic capacitors
  • Carbon Comp resistors throughout.
  • Neutrik Sockets, Alpha pots and a high quality Stomp Switch
  • True-bypass
  • Strip board soldered board, like the original
  • Tough Grey Hammerite painted Eddystone / Hammond box
  • Bulgin style chicken head knobs.
  • Hand-Labeled Design
  • Free Optional LED Indicator and DC Socket**
  • Individually numbered / signed Pedal
  • Life-time warranty on all Williams Audio parts and work
  • Each pedal is individually signed and numbered

**If a DC Socket is requested, it will require a Reverse Polarity 9V Supply, I recommend the Voodoo Labs PP2+ but other some manufacturers also offer this option, please check your unit and Contact me if you are unsure. Warranty does not include damage caused by incorrect power supply usage. Please inform me if the DC socket is required.

VTB User From FF (Canada)

My initial thoughts are... WOW... seriously. The VTB is just superb sounding, after a bit of playing around with the two knobs, i found a setting that is giving me the perfect lead tone i like. I found it to be much more smoother then i expected (in a good way). Very warm, i know this term is used a lot in describing guitar pedals (maybe too much..) but for the VTB it really fit well.  Anyway, more to come on that but i wanted to keep you posted and that I'm a really happy camper !!
Please check the You tube demo ff made for the VTB: You tube VTB Demo

If required, I can fit an On/Off Indicator LED, there is no charge and it does not impact the pedal tone. Please select from the options below.

£159 +

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Indicator LED

Please Allow Upto 4 Weeks On this pedal

*Prices and estimated times updated 24th June 2014