'A Whole Lotta Fuzz' MK11 Professional - Mullard OC81D Transistors  

The Williams - Vintage Tone MK11 Professional is an amazingly faithful recreation of the very early Tonebender MK11 Professional fuzz pedal built by Sola Sound in the UK. 

This version is closely associated with Jimmy Page tones, it has a very slightly more mid tone than the standard MK11, a touch mellower and nice and loud. Although there is much speculation as to what Page actually used and when (check Goggle for all the conflicting opinions), this model certainly does sound the closest of the lot. Of course there isn't just the classic Led Zep Page tones in here, there is a wealth of many more definitive vintage tones of guitarists such as Jeff Beck and many others.

The MK11 cleans-up beautifully by rolling back the guitar volume pot, essential for achieving some of those vintage rhythm tones we know and love. Crank it back up and all the sustain, warmth and magic of a classic vintage MK11 Tonebender is right at your fingertips.

mk11 Tonebender OC81D case

One of very few MK11 Tonebender's now available offering Genuine 1960's OC81D Mullard transistors as used in the original. ALL Mullards I use are only ever Genuine Mullard produced transistors that I know the source of. Be assured I will NEVER EVER use modern copies or any other junk! My Mullard OC81D stock comprises of metal can and white rubber jacket types. They are all exactly the same soundwise, produced by Mullard in the UK for different markets or at different years.

Ben King, guitarist with The Yardbirds, the band that launched Page, Clapton and Beck, tours worldwide and records with a Williams MK11 Vintage Tone loaded with 3 Mullard OC81D transistors. You cant get a much better recommendation than that. (Check on Youtube for: 'The Yardbirds - Live in Tokyo March 2011 - Please Don't tell me 'bout the news' to hear Ben playing his Williams OC81D MK11 with The Yardbirds).


A trio of matched Genuine NOS 1960's OC81D Mullards, carefully selected for low leakage and low noise.
One of very few MK11's now available offering Genuine Mullards as used in the original.
A selection of the finest vintage capacitors from manufactures such as Hunts and Mullard
Highest quality electrolytic capacitors
Carbon Comp resistors throughout.
Neutrik Sockets, Alpha pots, high quality Stomp Switch
Uses a standard 9v battery, a brand new one is fitted in each as standard.
Strip board soldered board, like the original
Tough Grey Hammerite painted Eddystone / Hammond box
Bulgin style chicken head knobs.
Hand-Labeled Design
Individually numbered / signed Pedal
Life-time warranty on all Williams Audio parts and work

If required, I can fit an On/Off Indicator LED, there is no charge and it does not impact the pedal tone. Please select from the options below.

Price: £260

Includes FREE Worldwide Shipping

Indicator LED

There is a longer build time on this pedal due to time taken sourcing the super scarce OC81D's, please ask first if you are in a rush :)

*Prices and estimated times updated April  2024