- Williams POWER DRIVER - Classic Powerboost / Overdriver

Power Driver

A faithful recreation of my old Colorsound Overdriver and PowerBoost, this is the Williams PowerDriver.

Used by Dave Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Jan Akkerman and Marc Bolan of T Rex amongst many others, this is the king of vintage Overdrive / Pedals pedals. A touch of Drive, Volume up and it's a wall of Marshall's, this baby is LOUD. The scope and versatility of the Power Boost is what made it so popular, clean boost, filthy boost, overdrive or hybrid Fuzz Overdrive. It loves either Single coil or Humbuckers, bringing out the characteristics of both amazingly well.

Not found on the original versions, the added Volume control will let you tame the beast whilst the EQ section will shape the tone from a massive bottom end to a sparkling top end with everything in between. Fancy a touch more headroom? plug your 18V power connector in and gain just a bit more space before break-up.

So how awesome does it sound? Check out this review / demo: Williams PowerDriver


A selection of the finest capacitors and resistors, vintage parts wherever possible
Neutrik Sockets, Alpha pots, High quality Stomp Switch
Tough Grey Hammerite painted Eddystone / Hammond box
LED Indicator
DC Power Socket - No Battery, Standard Polarity (Boss Type DC Socket)
Hand-Labeled Design
Individually numbered / signed Pedal
Life-time warranty on all Williams Audio parts and work
Each pedal is individually signed and numbered

Price: £149

Worldwide Shipping £10


Please Allow Up to 10 Weeks On this pedal

*Prices and estimated times updated August 2023