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"Whole Lotta Fuzz" MK11 Special - Very Limited 3 x Mullard OC81D Transistors

MK11 Tonebender Mullard OC81D
An amazingly faithful recreation of the early, highly sought after Tonebender MK11 Professional fuzz pedal. 
This version is especially associated with early Jimmy Page tones. Sweet, singing sustain, definition, warmth and loves to be played loud! Incredibly touch sensitive and reactive to the player. And of course it also cleans-up beautifully with the guitar volume pot.
THIS is THE one for those vintage Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin tones! Partner it up with a great guitar and amp and you are in tone heaven, but of course it doesn't stop there, there is so much more to the MK11.
3 Genuine 1960's Mullard OC81D transistors carefully selected and matched. One of very few MK11's now available offering Genuine Mullard OC81D germanium transistors as used in the original.

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Williams Vintage Tone - MK11 Classic

THE classic Tonebender used by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and so many more guitar legends. Amazingly faithful to the original and as good as the very best vintage or modern Tonebender MK11 you will ever hear. As close you can get to an original without the big bucks. Similar tones to the 'Whole Lotta Fuzz' model but at a great price.
This pedal will Nail those Beck / Page tones and by experimenting with the volume on your guitar will get you to many more classic fuzz tones from The Beatles to The Who to Bowie and beyond.

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Williams Vintage Tone - MK1 Classic

mk1 tonebender
A faithful recreation of the now legendary MK1 Tonebender, the one that started it all. The MK1 can be heard throughout many classics recordings made by guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Mick Ronson and Pete Townshend to name just a few.

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Williams Vintage Tone - MK1.5 Classic

MK1.5 Tonebender
A faithful recreation of the super scarce MK1.5 Tonebender. Not a MK11 and not a Fuzz Face but a beautiful mix of the 2. Smooth, warm, full bodied Fuzz with some of the best Germanium Fuzz clean-up I've heard.

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Williams Ranger Treble Boost - Dallas Range Master Replica - Genuine 1960's Mullard OC44 or OC71 Transistor

oc44 range master boost pedal
Based on the Dallas Range Master, This was the secret weapon of British guitarist's back in the day.
Many guitarists have said that it is the single best gear investment they have ever made, turning even the plainest old tube amp into a million dollar sounding amp full of vintage tones and amazing touch sensitivity. Sometimes the simplest things really are the best.
The Ranger now is fitted with a 3-way Body switch that lets you choose between the normal, sweet boosted Ranger tone, a slightly thicker more body tone and a fuller, more rounded boost, all still with that amazing germanium warmth and tone.

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Williams Vintage Tone - MK111 Classic FUZZ

mk111 mk3 tonebender
Based on my amazing sounding MK111 Tone Bender, the Williams Audio MK111 has all the great warmth,
sustain and clean-up you would expect from a top quality germanium fuzz but is slightly smoother, there
is a touch of slight overdrive tone in here. The MK111 tone pot offers a wealth of sounds from a BIG bottom
through to a sizzling, skinny top end.

Used by the likes of Jimmy Page, there are so many incredible tones to be found in the MK111.

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Williams Supa Fuzz - Marshall Supa Fuzz Replica

Williams Supa Fuzz OC75
Built for Marshall Amplification by Sola Sound in the late '60's / early ''70's the Supa Fuzz was one of the
best selling of the Tonebender family and quickly gained fans such as Pete Townshend, Steve Hackett and
Jeff Beck. The Supa Fuzz is the favorite Tonebender model of many people because of its slightly
more 'ballsy' tone whilst still retaining all the aspects of a superb MK11 Tonebender.
The Williams Supa Fuzz is modeled on my original and stays as close as possible to the original

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BuZZFuZZ - Buzzaround Replica

Fuzz Tone FZ-1

Based on the highly sought after Burns Buzzaround. 

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WILLIAMS POWER DRIVER - Overdriver/PowerBoost Replica

Williams power boost
A faithful recreation of my old Colorsound Overdriver and PowerBoost

The King of Overdrive / Boost pedals, this is monster! Used by Jeff Beck, Gilmour and so many more. The scope and versatility of the Power Boost is what has made it so popular, clean boost, filthy boost, overdrive or hybrid Fuzz Overdrive and that's just the start.

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The MK11 OC81D Special and MK1 Classic are back for a short while to order with no waiting list :)

- LIMITED EDITION RANGER with a YELLOW Jacket Mullard OC44 -

(06/24) 3 Available.

I have a small stash left of super scarce Yellow Jacket Mullard OC44 transistors. Due to massive demand for these and super scarcity of suitable Yeloow Jackets, these will be only occasionally available.

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Supa Fuzz Special

These feature 3 specially selected Genuine Mullard OC81D Transistors and a slightly chunkier choice of vintage Capacitors for a thicker, deeper than standard Supa Fuzz Tone.  Contact For more Info.

MK1 MK11 MK111 ?

Not sure of the difference or just plain interested in hearing all 3 next to each?

Check out this video by the mighty Joe Perkins

Williams MK1 Tonebender Demos

I'm proud to have 2 Demo's of the Williams Mk1 by the amazing Paul Cuddeford with Woody Woodmansey on drums. Paul is a seasoned pro player and has worked with many greats over the years, Google for his credits. Woody Woddmansey is best known for his work with David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars....

Ben King - The Yardbirds - I am very pleased to be working with the amazing Ben King from the one and only Yardbirds. Standing in the shoes of 3 guitar legends (Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton!), Ben has created his own unique identity in this legendary band.

Ben is currently touring and recording with an OC81D Williams Vintage Tone MK11 Professional. Check the interview in Guitar World

New video of Ben with The Yardbirds in Japan using his MK11. Check MK11 OC81D Special.

Check out Ben here:  www.benking.net

Pedal Mods / Repairs/ Upgrades

All wah upgrades / mods offered inc. true bypass, led, vocal mod, transistor and cap upgrades and much more...

Full range of mods for Boss / Ilbanez, Electro Harmonix and more.

Repairs for all types of pedals*, vintage models a specialty and where possible only vintage parts used in repairs.

If it appears dead, there's a very good chance I can revive it, no matter how sick it seems!

Only the highest quality replacement parts used.

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